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Here at All-Pro Fence Builders we don’t mess around, We show up and get the job done! Tired of dealing with companies you have to call over and over or who just do not show up? Go with the best rated fence company in Palm Beach county! We have served thousands of customers and we hope you will be our next! Reach out directly to us by phone at 561-903-2901 or submit to the right for a completely free of charge quote! Experience the All-Pro Fence Builders difference and learn how we have become the best fence company in Palm Beach!

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Do you need a new fence for your property? If so, you’ve come to the right place. All Pro Fence Builders Florida is your one stop shop for top quality fence services. This includes anything you need regarding fence installation, fence maintenance, and fence repair. Our company has served the people of Florida with spectacular fence services using only high quality materials. We’ve made a name for ourselves by consistently doing good work and putting our best foot forward.

There’s no use in getting a new fence if you’re not going to get one installed with the highest quality materials possible. Using the best materials ensures that your fence is going to stand a long time. When top materials are combined with Florida’s best fence contractors, you’ve got a recipe for success. When you work with our fence company, you’ll know that you’re only getting a superior product. Our team never cuts corners in providing top quality Florida fence installation and repair.

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There’s no one fence material that will fit the needs of every consumer. We know that. That’s why we don’t specialize in the use of only one kind of fence material. Our contractors have skill and know-how regarding all kinds of fence materials. That way you’ll be able to choose the type of fence that you particularly need for your property. The reason why our top Florida fence contractors can work with any fence material lies in their years of experience and customer satisfaction.

Getting a new fence doesn’t have to break the budget. A new fence is an investment though, and that makes it even more imperative to choose a fence company in Florida that will give you the best value for your money. The cost of fence installation is pretty standard across the board. You getting the best fence for your money really depends on the kind of company you hire for the job. Are you going to go with a fence company that couldn’t care less? Or are you going with a fence team that’s Florida’s best? All-Pro Fence Builders is ready to take care of you!

Custom Fence & Fabrication | Custom Fence Installation

Here at All Pro Fence Builders we are proud to offer some of the highest quality custom fence & gate fabrication in South Florida. Need an odd sized gate? Have a custom fence style and look you would like to achieve? Our professional team can get the job done for you! Custom work is one of our favorite jobs to do because we get to make you the client, happy with exactly what you want. 


Fence Repair by Professional Fence Contractors

Wood fences are a very popular choice for both commercial and residential property owners. This is because wood is an affordable material that is widely available, simple to understand, and it does its job. However, the quality and ultimate usage of your wood fence really hinges on the quality of the installation. If you want to get the most out of your wood fence, you’re best bet would be to call our professional Florida fence company. We promise a quick, efficient, and quality wood fence installation.

Wooden fences, while popular, are probably the type of fence that is most susceptible to the effects of weather. Wood does not respond well to water in most cases. Excess rain and continued exposure to water can cause your fence to develop mildew, mold and eventually rot. Wood fences can become deformed, disfigured, and develop holes. Wet leaves blown into your fence after a storm can cause rot as well. Make sure to stay on top of maintaining your wood fence, and call Florida fence company for a repair if you need one!

Residential Fences by All-Pro Fence Builders

There are many reasons to install a fence on your residential property. A big reason for installing a fence for your home is to protect your dog. Many homebuyers decide on one house over another just on whether it had a fence or not. Residential fences in Florida are not only for keeping pets in. Fences also keep your children safe while they are playing. Fences for residential properties clearly define property boundaries, which can be very helpful for litigation disputes and landscaping.

Commercial Fences in Florida are quite a common site. For one, depending on the type of fence you have, a new fence can add charm to a property. A fence adds more substance to a commercial property, making it feel bigger. Business locations are not the only place where a fence can be useful. Fences are necessary for lots, warehouses, public parks – the list goes on and on. If you want to further protect your property, call Florida’s best fence contractors for commercial fence installation and repair.

Top PVC Fence Installation

PVC is a great type of fence because it is the least susceptible to the dangers of weather and everyday life. Not only that, but it is also super low maintenance. The most you have to do for a PVC fence is wash it down with soap and water about once a week! It’s so easy you can even have the children do it! Just hand them a rag and a bucket and set them to work! PVC fences can also be formed. Meaning that white picket fence look can be obtained with PVC! Getting a wood picket fence will cost you a lot of time and energy to maintain, but a PVC one will just be a wash from perfection. The only weather conditions that PVC is weak to is winter weather, but this is Florida, so no worries, right? If you do, however, deal with winter weather, some ways to protect your PVC is by carefully swiping off any excess snow and making sure that icicles do not fall on it. You see, PVC takes on an almost glass like state in the winter time, meaning a blunt crash or too much pressure can cause it to snap or warp! If anything does happen to your PVC, our top rated fence company in Florida can come by and repair it so that it is as good as new! We will also install it beautifully, giving you the PVC fence of your dreams!

Best Fence Repair in Florida

We are a Florida fencing company for PVC, wood, and chain link. This means that we are knowledgeable in some of the most common fence that people want and that you can find. We have experienced contractors that will come to our home or business and install or repair a beautiful fence for you! If you are unsure of what type of fence you want or can have for your property, no worries. Our fence contractors will check all of the HOA laws to give you a fence that works for you. If you are on a budget, do not worry about us going over it. We will choose a fence that works for you while at the same time being beautiful and affordable. We understand that having a fence is important to you; we also know that having a fence done right can improve the overall value of your home. If you are looking to have a beautiful home with a raised value, you should definitely install a fence. However, it is very important to make sure that your fence is installed correctly because if not, then your fence will add no value to your home and the buyer will have to remover it and install a new one. Make the smart decision and go with a Florida fence company that will do it right the first time.

Best Fence Repair in Florida. Top Florida Fence Repair.

No matter if you have wood, iron, chain link, PVC, or aluminum, eventually your fence is going to need to be repaired. Who better to do that for you then the best fencing company in Florida? We have years of experience on our side meaning that we can give you a fence repair like no other. Do not waste your time looking up fence companies near me, because a lot of times those fence companies in Florida are far from you! If you want a fence repair that will leave you in awe and all of your neighbors wondering who fixed your fence, then we are the company to call.  The scary thing about dealing with other companies is that sometimes they will see that there is no real big problem, and then they will turn it into one to charge you more money. If you do not want a company to take advantage of you, then you need to go with us, the best fence company in Florida!

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If you are still on the ropes about choosing us to come and install or repair your fence, you shouldn’t be. We care about you and understand that you are the most important part of our business. We want to give you a fence installation that you will love or a fence repair that makes you smile!