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We have been called the “Best Fence Company in Palm Beach” For Good Reason!

Check out one of our latest reviews on the picture. What sets us apart from other fence companies is our attention to detail. 

We are on top of the install from proposal, to permit and through the finishing of the install. Our detail shines in our custom gates, custom fences, custom mechanical gates! We have installed some of the most exquisite gates in Palm Beach Florida. Trust the professionals at All Pro Fence when you need only the best quality service!

Best Fencing Contractors in Florida. Professional Fence Installations in Florida.

Our office is ready to serve you! Our home base is conveniently located in West Palm Beach. This allows us to easily be in the area and be on top of your job! 

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All Pro Fence Builders

So, you may be wondering why we are the fence company for you. Well, it really is quite simple. We have been in the fence business for quite a long time which means that we have learned how to do work quickly and efficiently. If you need a fence, whether it is PVC, iron, chain link, or wood, we’ve got you covered. Our professional fence contractors know just how to give you the perfect backyard, pool, or front yard fence. We are a company dedicated to bringing you not only the best fence installation but also to using only top quality materials. Not every fence company can say that they use that! We are a company that cares about the final result. Wouldn’t it be just horrible if you got a fence that you had to take down because the company didn’t even bother to check the HOA laws and make sure that the fence was a size that was okay with them? With us, that never happens.

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Best Fencing Contractors in Florida. Professional Fence Installations in Florida.

No business is successful if the people that work there are not good. At our fence company in Florida, our contractors are not only professional, but they are Alosio hard working. You will never find a fence company that has better contractors because we have them all! Out contractors make sure to check all HOA laws and make sure to check for any utility lines .You will never have an issue where you got your fence installed but now your water pipe is busted; that just isn’t how we work! You can be sure that when you hire us, all of your installations will go smoothly! We do not try to get the job done as soon as possible; we understand there are reasons you need your fence. Whether it is to keep the dog in or the children, whether it is to protect everyone from the pool, or simply keep people off of your commercial property. No matter what type of fence you need or want for your commercial or residential property, our fence contractors in Florida can take care of it for you!