PVC Fence

Why A PVC Fence?

Why should a home or business owner choose a PVC fence? Well, our professional fence company in Florida has been serving the community for years, so we have a few reasons to share. For one, vinyl is low maintenance. It’s actually pretty much zero maintenance. Vinyl fences can be customized in many ways. A vinyl fence can be constructed to mimic many fence styles, such as a privacy fence. Vinyl fences can be painted many different colors, and are impenetrable by the weather.

When you’re choosing the company that has the privilege of installing your vinyl fence, take these questions into consideration. Is this company an established Florida fence company with years of experience and an extensive portfolio? Does this company have a staff of fully licensed and professional fence contractors who are up to date with the latest in fence developments? Does this fence company have the knowledge and skill necessary to provide quality fence installation? Just for a tip: our Florida fence installation company checks all of these boxes!

Vinyl Fences vs. Wood Fences

People are choosing vinyl fences over wooden fences for one primary reason – vinyl fences require no maintenance. Zip! Zero! On top of that, vinyl fences don’t need much in terms of repair either. While weather can severely impact a wooden fence over time, Heavy rain can’t do much to vinyl, which is essentially a plastic composite. Although vinyl fences cost about double the price of wooden fences per square foot on average, you’ll make up for your investment in full with the convenience you get.

So are you interested in top vinyl installation by our Florida fence company working with only top-quality materials? If you are, call us for a free quote and let’s get started!

Professional Vinyl Fence Cleaning By All Pro Fence Builders Florida

The maintenance of a vinyl fence is very simple. All that is required of you is a simple hose down once a week, and a monthly sponge down with soapy water. Just use a mixture of detergent and water. That’s it! For tougher stains on your vinyl fence, you may want to enlist the help of a trusted household cleaning component: bleach or vinegar! Just mix one part bleach or vinegar to five parts water and use a non abrasive scrubby to wash your fence.

Sometimes when vinyl fences are neglected too long, they can quickly develop some tough and nasty stains. If your vinyl fence in Florida is marred by red iron stains, grass stains, oil or skid marks, you may want to enlist the help of a professional vinyl cleaning company. Our team of licensed fence contractors will swoop in and get those stains out, no problem. We’ve been doing this for years, so we’ve seen a lot of stained vinyl, and we’ve most likely cleaned vinyl that was worse off than yours!

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