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We’re your choice for the best fence company in Wellington, Florida! We’re an established company that has served the people of Wellington for many years with spectacular fence installation and repair services. Take a look at our extensive portfolio, and you’ll know why our customers only call us when they need fence services done. We only provide excellence in all that we do, and that is especially true for our clients and their fences!

The backbone of our company is our extraordinary fence contractors. Our team is made up of fully-rained and licensed Wellington fence professionals who care about the quality of their work. Our team never cuts corners because they prioritize quality and the satisfaction of the customer. Book smarts are appreciated, but having actual field experience cannot be beat. Our team of contractors have just that; many years of tried and true experience in expert fence installation and repair in Wellington, FL!

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Wooden Fence Installation in Wellington, FL

Wooden fences are a popular choice of fence material for both residential and commercial fencing in Wellington, Florida. This is because wood is an inexpensive material that is easy to get a hold of, easy to install and easy on the eyes. Wooden fences can come in a variety of styles depending on what you want your fence to accomplish. Perhaps a stylish white picket fence, or maybe a privacy fence to keep unwarranted eyes off? The choice is yours!

A good way to protect your wooden fence is by having it stained every few years. Wood is a fence material that is particularly susceptible to weather damage. Staining your fence gives it a waterproof finish which protects it from rain. The stain penetrates the wood and strengthens it from the inside as well. A stain of your choice will also just make your fence look better, and last longer. Staining can be done DIY, but if you can’t bother don’t hesitate to call our professional Wellington fence contractors for a smooth, perfect finish!

Vinyl Fences by Wellington Fence Professionals

Vinyl, or PVC, is a great material to use in many realms of construction. This is also true for fencing. Vinyl fencing is pretty much zero maintenance. It’s simple to install and can be easily customized. It’s no problem for our experienced fence installation contractors in Wellington to put up a privacy or ornamental vinyl fence on your property. Vinyl fences are beating out wooden fences for their convenience and manageability. Feel free to have your vinyl fence painted by us as well!

Cleaning vinyl is probably the only kind of maintenance that comes along with a Wellington, Florida vinyl fence installation. You’ll want to hose down your vinyl fence once a week in order to stop grime growth. A wash down with soapy water once a month should cover any vinyl cleaning needs. Just take a non-abrasive scrubby for any particularly tough parts. Vinyl that has not been cleaned properly for a while will require more extensive cleaning methods, so stay on top of your hosing schedule!

Backyard Fence Installation Wellington

Installing a fence for the backyard is a great idea. We often like to use our backyards as an extension of our indoor space. That means that people peeking in is definitely not a part of the plan! You can stop any peekers right in their tracks with the installation of a privacy fence by the best fence contractors in Wellington, FL! Privacy fences are fences that have no spacing in between the slats. That means no looking in! Privacy fences average between six to eight feet tall. So whatever happens in the backyard stays in the backyard.

Many people install fences in their backyards for their dogs. In fact, most people install fences in general for that reason! Dogs need to get outside often, and sometimes we can’t just walk them. Having a fence in your yard allows you to send your pup out for some sun time without you needing to leave the sofa. If you want to be sure of your pooch staying where he belongs, make sure to install a fence height of at least three and a half feet for small dogs and of at least six feet for larger ones.

Professional Wellington Fence Contractors

The way to get a great product is simple. Use the best quality materials in the best way possible. Our contracting team fully understands this, but that’s not the case sometimes with the more amateur fence companies in Wellington. Not every fence contracting team cares as much about the quality of the final product of what they produce like we do. You want to pay a company that will do the right thing with your money and not waste your time. As for our fence company, we care about what we provide our customers. For us, it’s our reputation, as well as earning the trust of our clients. 

Our company will give you what you need for fence installation. We make beautiful fences using wood, PVC, wrought iron, aluminum, and chain-link. There are so many different kinds of fences out there – there is definitely a fence that fit your needs. Your dream fence is just waiting to happen! But not every fence company is capable of delivering the fence you want and need for your property. You should only put your trust in the best of the best fence companies in Wellington, CA. 

So if you’re ready for a premier fence installation, contact us today for a free quote! We’ll give you a fair estimation of the price of our services. We’d never cheat our customers, and it is our priority to offer five star customer service to our clients. So don’t wait and call us today!

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